Reimagining content sharing to make monetization
better for everyone​

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Galaxis is the world’s first content-sharing platform
designed for e-commerce from the ground up.

We’re making influencer marketing easier and more
profitable for  companies ​and​ creators​

Fair to creators Accessible to brands Free to audiences

On Galaxis, creators share videos, text, images, and audio in a familiar-feeling content feed​.
Audience members follow their favorite creators’ channels, watch content for free, and support
them by making purchases or donations.  

On the surface, Galaxis looks and feels like today’s most used content-sharing platforms, but
with one key difference​​:

the monetization and advertising process has been completely transformed​​

Who needs galaxis?

You do. Here's why:

On today’s outdated

Tons of steps to make too
little money
Long list of excuses for
surprise demonetizations
Just one income stream
Doesn't monetize creators
or influencers
Devalues creative work
Ignores copyright

A brand new business model

Endless income opportunities, including advertising, donations, merchandising & commissions.
Anyone can be monetized at any level of influence.
Enhanced creative freedom, no surprise demonetizations.
Sponsors & creators communicate & negotiate directly.

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More transparency. You communicate and negotiate directly with the brands advertising on your content

More control. No word-based demonetizing, no surprise demonetizations

More income sources. Merchandise your brand in-platform and use the Influencer Market to connect with brand sponsors

More creative freedom. Easily use and pay for unlimited copyrighted material through our automated content market

More social proof. In-platform shopping and analytics mean you can see exactly how much engagement you can drive and leverage your influence to attract more sponsors


More connections. Find influencers in your market with proven stats and communicate with them directly

More accurate placements. You decide when and where your content is displayed, working with creators who know their audience

More sales. ​In-platform 1-click shopping means higher conversion rates (no more distance between content and purchasing)

More complete data​. Integrated e-commerce means, solid analytics and live ROI

More impactful branding. Highly customizable online shops allow brands to create an on-brand, fully themed user experience unparalleled by any other social platform

With clear and direct communication between influencers and brands, 1-click shopping, and a data set that won’t quit, Galaxis is a ​win-win-win​ for creators, companies, and consumers.

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Galaxis is currently looking for investors. Contact us at for more information.