Decentralized social media - Blockchain - NFT - Expedited contracts - Integrated Ecommerce



A link-Tree-like platform, but with an expedited contracts management function to strike advertising/sponsorship deals with influencers in seconds
The first Decentralized social media eco-system with autonomous infrastructure. Stalkless data management system that can produce higher sales conversions with expedited contracts on a platform with integrated ecommerce.


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Find out how we are transforming the way we monetize advertising and
content to generate higher sales conversions and make creators more money

Galaxis is the world’s first content-sharing platform
designed for e-commerce from the ground up.

We’re making influencer marketing easier and more
profitable for  companies ​and​ creators​

Fair to creators
- Expedited contracts- In house freelancer- Edit and upload faster- Copyrights monetization
Accessible to brands
- Strike deals in seconds- New brand impressions- Live ROI- Customer service tools
Free to audiences
- Stalkless data management- Best privacy and security- Devolved moderation- Free speech

On Galaxis, creators share videos, text, images, and audio in a familiar-feeling content feed​.
Audience members follow their favorite creators’ channels, watch content for free, and support
them by making purchases or donations.  

On the surface, Galaxis looks and feels like today’s most used content-sharing platforms, but
with one key difference​​:

the monetization and advertising process has been completely transformed​​

Who needs galaxis?

You do. Here's why:

On today’s outdated

Tons of steps to make too
little money
Long list of excuses for
surprise demonetizations
Just one income stream
Doesn't monetize creators
or influencers
Devalues creative work
Ignores copyright

A brand new business model

Endless income opportunities, including advertising, donations, merchandising & commissions.
Anyone can be monetized at any level of influence.
Enhanced creative freedom, no surprise demonetizations.
Sponsors & creators communicate & negotiate directly.

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More transparency. You communicate and negotiate directly with the brands advertising on your content

More control. No word-based demonetizing, no surprise demonetizations

More income sources. Merchandise your brand in-platform and use the Influencer Market to connect with brand sponsors

More creative freedom. Easily use and pay for unlimited copyrighted material through our automated content market

More social proof. In-platform shopping and analytics mean you can see exactly how much engagement you can drive and leverage your influence to attract more sponsors


More connections. Find influencers in your market with proven stats and communicate with them directly

More accurate placements. You decide when and where your content is displayed, working with creators who know their audience

More sales. ​In-platform 1-click shopping means higher conversion rates (no more distance between content and purchasing)

More complete data​. Integrated e-commerce means, solid analytics and live ROI

More impactful branding. Highly customizable online shops allow brands to create an on-brand, fully themed user experience unparalleled by any other social platform

With clear and direct communication between influencers and brands, 1-click shopping, and a data set that won’t quit, Galaxis is a ​win-win-win​ for creators, companies, and consumers.


The purpose of this ecosystem is to have a decentralized platform where we can do all social, commerce, advertising, and content consumption activity while having a secure system that works for everyone. Galaxis purpose is to digitize every company and offer and endless amount of online work through the help of content, advertising and ecommerce. This will create a revolving cycle which we refer to as the ecosystem.

Galaxis Roadmap:

The purpose of this ecosystem is to have a decentralized platform where we can do all social, commerce, advertising, and content consumption activity while having a secure system that works for everyone. Galaxis purpose is to digitize every company and offer and endless amount of online work through the help of content, advertising and ecommerce. This will create a revolving cycle which we refer to as the ecosystem.


In Q4 2018 we registered corporation as Galaxis INC.

$50k invested by co-founder

Hired freelancer in marketing to help improving communication to investors

Hired developing company from abroad to create better wireframing demo with invision.

Pitched at few events. St Pete greenhouse and Tampa bay wave.


$100k Loan by Developing company to build platform.

Completion of Galaxis full infrastructure design - Wireframing and requirement gathering.

Including product, services, content copyrights, NFT, advertising and sponsorships marketplaces.

Security features are included. The security is improved by using the experience function.

Industry specialists were consulted to fine-tune the Galaxis application in terms of server scalability and security.

To create the groundwork for the app's launch and onboard early adopters, reach out to social media influencers and small to medium-sized enterprises in the United States.

Pitched startup at newchip upon program completion.


USD $50k invested by professional investor found on angel network.

Hired UX/UI/Project manager freelancer to finish our project.

Internal mobile application UX/UI design.

Ecosystem added features.

Hired an amazing director of communications to improve message.

Hired cryptocurrency/blockchain expert to help create token.

Token Migration work - smart contracts.

Discord channel community created. Searching for manager.

Twitter account created.

Website revamp - added roadmap & crypto.

Found more support from influencers with millions of followers.

Added NFT 1.0 into our marketplace.

Team expansion - TBD upon funding.

Phase development of Galaxis for launch TBD.

Slyx coin creation and launch.

Coinmarket Cap listing.

Coingecko listing.

Coinbase price listing.


Achieve big investment

Hire full team

Increase server infrastructure

Q1 2022 Minimum viable product launch - Expedited contracts

Q3 2022 Full viable product launch - full ecosystem

YouTube/TikTok/Meta collaborations with influencers

Achieved biggest online sponsorship in crypto and dollars

Ecosystem Features


Due to time and funding constraints, we’re able to launch the following MVP in the near future.

A linktree-like platform with content creator statistics and expedited contracts agreement:

1. For creators/influencers
Instead of focusing your earning capabilities on amounts of views, creators/Influencers will have a much easier time making more money faster than ever before from their content by using expedited contracts through our platform. The more contracts you get, the bigger the prices you get through our statistics, reviews and bidding process for brands. Striking deals this way will allow you to allocate more time for your craft and life.

2. For brands
Instead of sending emails back and forth to a multitude of people through marketing agencies or copy-pasted influencer platforms, Galaxis allows you to connect with any influencer in seconds. Contacts are fast and easy to build. Reviews help you have confidence to work with an influencer. Escrow accounts improve a secure transaction and an interactive negotiations table helps communication transparency.


The ecosystem seeks to be a new standard on web 3.0 as the main and most powerful decentralized social media platform.
Our platform infrastructure is built to be the next gen platform to sustain endless online activity. From social interactions, online purchases, streams, and more.

Products marketplace will be just like amazon/shopify. You’ll be able to sell anything from your store and find it in the products marketplace. Logistics will be done with a wide array of warehousing solutions, opening the market for everyone to have more options.
Services: Freelancing or getting permanently hired by any company through their Galaxis channel means Galaxis may offer the most amount of jobs in the world. Channels can assign specific tasks and access, which make the process of hiring and launching something faster and easier.
Content: Our technologies allow content to be repurposed and remonetized over and over again so the original content creators or copyright owners can also make money when other people repurpose their content. YouTube, please step aside.
NFT: Yes, an NFT marketplace. eSports, metaverse, videogames in general will connect faster to NFT’s through Galaxis.
Advertising & Sponsorships: How advertising works on Galaxis. You’re in charge of getting the traffic and monetization to your channel through expedited contracts. More money in less time.

Decentralization: On Galaxis, channels can be set for anything and are entirely owned and moderated by the owner. Content, Forums, crowdfunding, etc. Monetization is also controlled by setting as many ads and sponsorships as you desire.
Users and channels gain access and unlock features through behavior and experience, just like a videogame. We like to give people the freedom to create, express themselves without limits. While we have extreme violent/graphic content policies, everything else is permitted due to a new behavioral system. Channels and users can be rated for a range of behaviors. In a positive light as an influencer or in a negative contrast as hate-raider, trolling, etc. There’s all kinds of fair game implemented, so people can make mistakes and adjust without crippling usage.

Monetization: 7 initial income sources will allow you to monetize your careers on Galaxis. Advertising, Sponsorships, products, services, content copyrights, NFT’s & donations. There’s 5 marketplaces as well. All allow dollars or our own crypto, Slyx.

Users and security: On Galaxis a single person with verified identity can create endless channels, which may not show real identity to other users. There’s a systematic hierarchy to follow. An user level 2 cant reach out to user level 3, but an influencer level 10 can reach out to influencer level 10 and below. This is done through

Ecommerce: Anyone can set up shop on Galaxis, but the biggest feature we have is a new technology that allows users consuming content to teletransport to the sponsors shop and buy on the go, even while consuming content, thus crediting the original promoter who redirected the user to produce a sale. This ability to give more value to influencers will transform radically how influencers make their money.

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Galaxis is currently looking for investors. Contact us at for more information. Join our community on discord